Shooting and Weapons Training in Tallinn | Tondi Shooting Range

The biggest indoor Shooting Range in Baltics

Location in center of Tallinn

Rooms altogether over 1000 square meters.

The opportunity to shoot targets from 40 meters.

Tactical house - the opportunity to shoot in two directions.

Learning class, suitable for trainings and for holding different events.

Different Shooting packages and trainings


Aiming and aiming mistakes

Aiming mistakes are mostly caused by the shooters wish to hold the gun on target as long and precisely as possible. The longer you point the gun to shoot, the more your hand starts to shake and the gun vibrate. However, you cannot pay attention to this and you have to hold a steady sight. Hand shaking and vibrating will decrease in time and eventually disappear, depending on the intensity of your training.

Looking at the pictures starting from the left:

  1. ‘Correct aiming’ – gun and rear sight on the same line and front sight in the middle of the back sight, hits in the middle of the target sheet.
  2. ‘High front sight’ – the rear sight (i.e. the rear aiming device) has been forgotten and the hits go higher.
  3. ‘The front sight has shifted to the right’ – the front sight has shifted to the right, consequently the hits are also to the right.
  4. ‘Low front sight’ – the focus is on the rear sight and the front sight is not held on the same line.
  5. ‘The front sight has shifted to the left’ – a similar mistake to the third point – the inability to hold the front sight in the middle. These kinds of mistakes often start from a wrong gun grip. Either the gun is awry to the right or to the left.

Seminar Room

Our seminar room is open again.
The room has gone through a total makeover: the floors are covered with a soft carpet, there are soft chairs, a new heating system, soft lighting and exclusive interior.

The Tondi Shooting Range seminar room is meant for seminars, trainings or meetings, but also different birthday parties or just gatherings.

In addition we offer an exciting program before or after your event involving:

  • A shooting event
  • Gun introduction
  • Gun handling safety course
  • General safety course
  • Using gas for self-defence training

There are 20+1 places in the room at the moment, but there is the possibility to add places, if needed. There is also the possibility to order catering through us.

Free parking!
Come and plan an interesting seminar in downtown Tallinn.

Weapons permit courses

The program also includes 25 rounds for training and shooting.

The pros of choosing Relvex:

  • Trainers are working or worked in the police and in the The Estonian Academy of Security Sciencesteaching.
  • We also teach people who are in the service.
  • The training weapons and distance are the same as in police prefecture exam  – 25m
  • The training participants have the possibility to purchase guns and ammunition from us with a discount

Venue: Tondi Shooting Range (Pärnu mnt 142A, Tallinn)