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The biggest indoor Shooting Range in Baltics

Location in center of Tallinn

Rooms altogether over 1000 square meters.

The opportunity to shoot targets from 40 meters.

Tactical house - the opportunity to shoot in two directions.

Learning class, suitable for trainings and for holding different events.

Different Shooting packages and trainings


That was already a long time ago, but I still want to tell you about it. National TV with its show Ringvaade came to visit us in Tondi Shooting range. Me and their cool host Mai Palling had a small duel. In the first round we shot the pistol Glock. Each had 10 shots, which means that we could both get the maximum of 100 points. Mai got 15 points and I got 50. I was really surprised, because I still feel that I am a complete beginner.


In the second round we shot metal targets and Mai beat me with one point. And in the last round she beat me totally. We did a little acting scene with Clint Eastwood’s favorite gun Magnum 44.

Basically I can say that now Mai is my very first student, because although my instructors were standing beside me all the time, I have to mention that they did not have to teach me very much.

photo 1

The weird thing I keep discovering over and over again, is that I have no sense of humor what so ever while being inside the range. This means that also my skill of acting decreases. It just does not feel right to goof around in a room full of weapons.

You can also check it out yourself from the video: here:

photo 2

Anyway, I loved that Mai came to visit me. I just love women who dare to try such things at least once in their lives and do not worry about how they are doing or what others think. Mai, you are cool !!!

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Once a week I train for shooting. I train trigger control, targeting and recoil control. As I mentioned in a previous post, my weapon is a pistol CZ. Maybe it’s a little big for me, but I also have extremely small hands.


So at the last trainings the journalist from Õhtuleht, Katharina and our instructor from Tondi shooting range, Jelena also joined me at the class. Katharina asked me whether I have now decided to be a professional shooter instead of acting. Well, no. But, yes, I enjoy having several different occupations at the same time. I’m impatient and curious enough to try all sorts of different things. Acting, singing, writing music, figure-scating, organizing events and believe it or not, but I also have friends and family. Like I said, it works for me.


I do not know if it is a restless soul of an actor, or is it just my own restless soul, but I’ve always believed that life is too short to be wasting it on the things that do not interest you, or worse, things that make you unhappy .

The more I practise, the more exciting it all becomes for me. Alexey (my coach) told me at the last workout that I want too much to succeed, and that’s why I do not hit the target.

By the way, the cool pictures in this post are from the article, which is available here:


And ofcourse sometimes I hit the target pefectly too.


Marilyn the shooter? Marilyn the actress? Artist? Singer? Daughter? Woman? Blond? … How about if I would just call myself a human instead? I do not think that I have to identify myself. In fact, I can just be myself.


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That Thursday was massive. In the morning was my first shooting lesson, like a real workout. Yes, I’ve been practicing, I began training for shooting competitions. My workout weapon is a CZ <3 And I should mention that I performed quite well, but about that already in my next post.CZ_75_SP-01After the workout and working all day in the range we had an especially cool gun training and wine tasting. Yes, in that order, because the other way around would be unthinkable. And I discovered that adrenaline and wine fit amazingly well together. As we witnessed with myself and a whole bunch of young people from advertising, music, theater, and other arts. (In the photo: Tuuli Rand – singer from the band VÖÖRAD and Ott Kartau – actor from the theatre Von Krahl) 10409028_10152408692542050_7059277718321243979_nThe best part about this gun training and wine tasting was that those, who can not tolerate a bang from a gun, could comfortably hide in a seminar room, where the sommelier George Leinemann from Veinikelder was already waiting with the wines for the second half of the event. The first girl disappeared into the room before any of the guns were shot. The second girl was able to try pistol Glock and revolver Taurus. Shortly before we moved on with handguns, a third girl fled into the arms of the wine. All the guys stayd till the end and wanted even more. I think that this was the most fierce, that we all got to be together and regulate ourselves how much shooting we can tolerate. And oh, what kind of wines were waiting in the seminar room.10688090_10152809537077370_660336940087324846_oAt first George told us about the long history of wine and the varieties of grapes in different countries. We started with white wine and carried on with red – my favorite. I got to thinking, that actually this kind of event is a completely different approach and exciting way how to organize a memorable event. So I found out, that this kind of things are even offered in Tondi Lasketiir. Anyway, I totally recommend that!1093870_10152809532367370_5521423855013497375_o #ghosttactics #czpistol #makarov #veinikelder #tondilasketiir #shootingrange #lasketiir #soave #xavier


I like the feeling that I’m not afraid. I like the feeling that I know what I’m doing and why. I like to be in control. My new friend, Makarov, aka PM (Пистолет Макарова) makes this really hard for me.

This kiddo is my companion through my road to gun licence. This semi-automatic gun from the Soviet Union (Constructor: Nikolai Makarov) has a length of 161mm, height of 126mm and thickness of 27mm. It is used by the Estonian Police (though gradually exchanged them for a Walther P99Q) and for the gun licence exam.

Google said that they started to use Makarov in the year of 1951 and Makarov is convenient, because the recoil is not strong. Well, I would not be so sure. I’m here and I keep shooting and shooting and no, I would not say that it is oh so convenient. After the first shot my heart is trying to explode and blood pressure is higher than a jamaican boy. My hand is shaking like I’ve had an electric shock.

My favorite part, until my ears are trying to get used to slamming, this so-called dry training. That means doing everything exactly the same way as usually, but just without the cartridges. This also includes handling a weapon in the right order, rather than just shooting. It is rather difficult to take away the bottom tray with Makarov. It always seems so easy in the movies. It all goes so slightly and fast. But oh no, no, I racked the tray with both hands, and it flashed through my head to use my teeth too…

If I’m starting to feel safe with my friend Makarov, then my next friend will be a Walther. I have also already picked a weapon for myself. Now I’m more motivated to learn. Walther PPS is faithfully waiting for me, I hope.

Until then…

…I’ll be practising with this Glock.

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I think I am starting to have this so-called professional cretinism – I see guns everywhere. Expecially when watching movies.

I’ve had a number of conversations, even arguments (although let’s be honest, lately noone tends to argue with me) on whether and why there is  any need to hold a gun.

To be quite honest, then of course I do understand, that we would not need guns, if weapons did not exist. And also we would not need a driver’s license, if cars would not exist. And basically, if men did not exist, then you would not need to throw your cell phone against the wall after you break up with them. Not exactly the most astute thoughts, or what? But all of those things do exist (and much more), and the question is, how can you stay happy in the middle of all this?

I’m studying psychology, that I could understand people better. I am learning to drive a car, that even if I am completely anti-car, I could help others in situations where this skill is needed. I know how to behave with a gun, that even if I am a pacifist, I could avoid putting myself or others into a dangeres situation. To think that nothing can happen to me, seems just silly. Or, as my good friend says to me: “Take an umbrella with you, then you will definitely not need it”

More about guns – they are so much louder than I thought.


P.S. The other day I came home from work and found a bullet in my sleeve. Badass?

Give honor! With a blueflower you can support the veterans of Estonian Defence Forces and their loved ones.
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How it all began?

Do you remember “The Matrix”? Well, that is how it all started.

My name is Marilyn, I am a professional actor. Some will call me a hippie, some will call me just restless. I love if life offers me new opportunities and challenges. This spring, I participated in a project called “Tee: Rohkem” (Do: More) . So thanks to this project I tried to do something new everyday. And that is how I found my way to the Tondi Lasketiir (Tondi Shooting Range), where I got to shoot a gun first time in my life. Something I have always wanted to try. Yes, and “The Matrix” is also somehow connected to this dream I had.

When I was 14 years old, then one of my favorite expressions was “There is no spoon”. We are all just prisoners of our minds and I belive that almost anything is possible. That is probably one of the reasons, why I have the need to try and feel everything. Why I have the need to live my life to the fullest. Yes, of course, age can calm me down a bit … but then life will throw some weird coincidences on my way and I have to decide if I will run away or jump on board. I jumped on board.

So I have decided, that over the next 6 months I will learn how to shoot properly. Besides hacking and kung-fu, it has been one of my biggest dreams since I was 14 years old (Thanks to the movie “The Matrix” which, by the way, I literally learned by heart)

Next spring I will be waiting for some cool job offers as being a female Chuck Norris in some new movie. In the future you can find me in Tondi Lasketiir (Tondi Shooting Range) where I intend to explore and drill a new art form – the art of shooting.

Would you take the red or the blue pill?


With love, Marilyn

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Aiming and aiming mistakes

Aiming mistakes are mostly caused by the shooters wish to hold the gun on target as long and precisely as possible. The longer you point the gun to shoot, the more your hand starts to shake and the gun vibrate. However, you cannot pay attention to this and you have to hold a steady sight. Hand shaking and vibrating will decrease in time and eventually disappear, depending on the intensity of your training.

Looking at the pictures starting from the left:

  1. ‘Correct aiming’ – gun and rear sight on the same line and front sight in the middle of the back sight, hits in the middle of the target sheet.
  2. ‘High front sight’ – the rear sight (i.e. the rear aiming device) has been forgotten and the hits go higher.
  3. ‘The front sight has shifted to the right’ – the front sight has shifted to the right, consequently the hits are also to the right.
  4. ‘Low front sight’ – the focus is on the rear sight and the front sight is not held on the same line.
  5. ‘The front sight has shifted to the left’ – a similar mistake to the third point – the inability to hold the front sight in the middle. These kinds of mistakes often start from a wrong gun grip. Either the gun is awry to the right or to the left.

Seminar Room

Our seminar room is open again.
The room has gone through a total makeover: the floors are covered with a soft carpet, there are soft chairs, a new heating system, soft lighting and exclusive interior.

The Tondi Shooting Range seminar room is meant for seminars, trainings or meetings, but also different birthday parties or just gatherings.

In addition we offer an exciting program before or after your event involving:

  • A shooting event
  • Gun introduction
  • Gun handling safety course
  • General safety course
  • Using gas for self-defence training

There are 20+1 places in the room at the moment, but there is the possibility to add places, if needed. There is also the possibility to order catering through us.

Free parking!
Come and plan an interesting seminar in downtown Tallinn.