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Are you interested in the favorite weapons of the Great Bear in the east? Our Russian Special package will most definitely satisfy your interests.

We will give you a chance to fire the same firearms our eastern neighbors have been using throughout history? Both for great victories but also for violence.


Njet problem! We have them all!


  • Revolver: Nagant – 5 shots
  • Pistol: TT – 8 shots
  • Pistol: Makarov – 8 shots
  • Karabin: Kalašnikov – 15 shots
  • Rifle: Mosin-Nagant – 3 shots
  • Sniper rifle: Vepr.308 – 3 shots


You have the unique opportunity to try various firearms that were already in use by the USSR and the KGB.

As additional weapons, you can choose other guns that were used by the Russian Special Forces.

Or it could also be a walk down in the memory lane. You have had to use those firearms before and now you would like to feel them again. Russian Special package gives you this opportunity.

Our trained professionals know all there is to know about these weapons and are here to give you all the necessary knowledge about them. They will give you thorough overview of safety of those guns and will introduce all the tricks and secrets these weapons may hide. And we promise you, Russian Special will be an exciting and unforgettable experience!

The Russian Special package peeked your interest and got your heart beat up a tad? Wait no more! Contact us and book the date!

And when you have satisfied your interest the Russian Special, you are always welcome back to experience our other packages. Come with a friend and try out our Dynamic Duo package. Or come with a bunch of friends and put yourselves to the test with our Brothers in Arms package. Let’s make memories together. Or re-live them.

The package includes:
Introducing safety instructions and briefing.
It is followed by the presentation and testing of weapons under the guidance of an instructor.

Duration: ca 1h


Caliber 7,62x39 10 There's probably no need to add that this is one of the most widely used automatic guns in the world. Highly reliable and with corresponding sound and kickback!


Caliber 9×18 8 The Russian pistol Makarov, which was originally manufactured for the KGB, is used today as a police weapon in Eastern Bloc countries.

Nagan 7,62x38R

Caliber 7,62x38R 6 Revolver Nagan was manufactured for the Russian Czarist army. Come and see that the men shooting it had to be made of steel ...

Tokarev (TT)

Caliber 7.62x25 8 The infamous gun - first belonged to the NKVD arsenal and in the 90s was used by criminal gangs.

Mossin Nagant

Caliber 7,62x54R 3 The weapon that made a revolution in Russia! All weapons enthusiasts surely imagine Red Army soldiers who cleaned their guns with crushed bricks and you can guess how accurate these guns were after that?!

Add weapons

You can add weapons and ammunition to all packages. Tell your additional wish for weapons and shooting on-site to the instructor or add them already when booking!