Dynamic Duo


Would you like to try shooting, but it’s odd to do it alone and noisy to do it in a big group? Do you have this “special someone” with whom you could even shoot a thousand bullets into space? But what’s the matter then – come with a BF or GF, a friend or colleague, a father- or mother-in-law, a neighbor or a friend’s spouse and come to shoot! You will never forget it!

Glock Pistol 10 +10 shots
Pistol Sig-Sauer 10 +10 shots
Revolver Taurus 5 +5 shots
Semi-automatic pistol BT APC9 15 +15 shoot
Kalashnikov (AK-47) 10 +10 shots

This package is for you if you wish to spend quality time at a shooting range with a friend or companion, and try not just one but several different weapons! Paintball and softair pale when compared with REAL shooting – be there!