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Ghost Club

We welcome You to join our active and busy club, where addition to shooting, we also offer different joint events, schooling and lectures. We manage the topics that emanate from the current situation of immanent security or what is happening in the world general.

We invite different lectors to cover everything from shooting to safety. Communicating with different lectors all over the world on a daily basis, we can be sure, that we offer our members up to date and important information and the best practice out there.

Ghost Club is not just a simple shooting club, but a club, whose members know what is going on in the world. They also know safe behavior and correct gun handling. We don’t need collect competition points, fill the norms or over all do anything, that You actually don’t want to do.

Becoming a member of the Ghost Club, provides You with the best possible usage of our services in the Tondi shooting range.

Let Yourself free!

Combine hobbie, sport and self-improvement and gain the best outcome!

Tondi lasketiiru Ghost Club
  • At least 2 trainings in month with instructor. Group trainings according to skill-level.
  • 2 training in month by Yourself at the time of Your choosing. You can come right when we open at 10 if You want.
  • At least one competition in a month.
    Practical shooting/IPSC/IDPA
  • One lecture a month. On the topics of weapons and safety.

Membership payment is 45USD/monthly.


We make a 1 year contract with You. Like in any other sport- or trainingclubs.


  • To further practical shooting
  • New and interesting schoolings
  • Teaching tactical gun handling
  • Year-round learning process and activities
  • New knowledges everytime and (home)assignments from us
  • Joint events beside shooting
  • Organizing competitions
  • Offering our members gear and weapons for the best price


  • Shooting competitions
  • Seminars and schooling
  • Joint visits to fairs and other in topic events
  • Gun permit schooling
  • IPSC safety course

Beginner training

We learn to perform a accurate shot and how to control the gun at the moment of the shot – that includes providing the maximum safety. Safe handling of the gun is the priority. Speed and accuracy come after that. In the training we approach everyone individually, based on Your abilities and wishes.

Base training

We practice the main gun handling maneuvers. Like carring the gun, using the holster, breech switch and different shooting positions.

Advanced training

Moving with a gun, choosing positions, different targets and directions, practical shooting and strategies, how to use covers and the run over of everything previously learned and how to use it according to the situation.

Who can join?

You have to be at least 16 years of age.

To participate in the schooling You don’t have to own a gun. The club will make sure, that everything neccesary will be provided.

You can use different guns and buy the ammonition on the sight.