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7 types of visitors in the shooting range

7 types of visitors in the shooting range


Tondi Shooting Range is visited by a large number of people under normal circumstances. Day by day, week by week. Our instructors have seen and experienced so much. The 7 types of visitors in the shooting range listed here are obviously the tip of the iceberg and all of that is for good fun! But did you identify with any of them? Or have you met them in your field?


Hasty Type

One of the instructors favorite types. They understand that if you shoot with a gun, you have to do it properly and there is no reason to be gentle. The tray usually gets empty before you dare say speed.



They choose the package themself, because they know what exactly suits their taste. As a rule, the package prepared by the shooting range is not quite it. But they are also not afraid to ask the instructor for recommendations.


Sleeping Beauty

This character seems to sleep by the complete safety and instructions despite the instructor’s best will. When it is time to pick up a gun, a number of questions arise. Repetition was to be the mother of wisdom.


The lights are on, but no one is home

There will be reassuring nods and semi-vocal consents during the briefing. When it comes to shooting, it seems that the real focus has probably been on admiring weapons. Or fantasizing about how awesome he would look with that weapon somewhere in a movie scene or a computer game. Sometimes you can hear them saying, “Yeah, I’m familiar with this weapon. There is one in PUBG!”


Golden Loyal Customer

Once upon a time, they came and tried the “My first bang package”. That’s where his path to something more began. Today, he is already honing his shooting skills on the shooting range with his own weapon.


Small but good

About 12 years old or a little older. He can handle all the weapons given to him, from the pistol to the Kalashnikov.


Silver Fox

In his best years, a character who has to practice for the renewal of a weapons permit. After the first hour, he is back in his heyday and passes the rehearsal test for the first time. At the same time, others do not bother to practice and fail the weapons exam.



These were just 7 types of visitors in the shooting range. What do you think – who else should be added to this list?



Did you already know that the Tondi Shooting Range offers training for applicants for a weapons permit in the form of distance learning? This means you have the opportunity to study exactly where you are at the moment and not have to worry about any illness. Just learn and make the most of your quarantine time. You can read more about our distance learning and upcoming trainings here.


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