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Starting from 15€/pp

He popped the question? You girl is ready to sail away to married life? Not quite – right? She needs a proper bachelorette party first!


And we know that you two and her other friends have already been through thick and thin. We know that you girls will always have each other’s backs. But what would make your bond even better? And would make an awesome start to the beginning of the bachelorette party? Yeah – shooting guns! Maybe your girl is a bit of a gun nut already, but even if not – this will definitely will get your night going and adrenaline rushing!


Imagine having a little competition with the girls. Or imagine how the star if the evening will shoot from different weapons and blow away the names of her former lovers with a bang. Sounds like a bachelorette party your girl will never ever forget!


Choose Bachelorette Party package:

  • Small – 1 weapon – timing of clip loading, gun inspection, shooting at balloons BT9APC 9mm (10 shots) – 15€/person.
  • Medium – starting from 2 weapons – timing of clip loading, gun inspection, score shooting with Glock 25 (10 shots) + sigsauer 522 (10 shots) = 25 €/person.
  • Large – pistol (10 shots) + revolver (5 shots) + Kalashnikov (10 shots) + shotgun (5 shots) = 45 €/person.


Put the bride and all her friends up to the challenge and shoot the various weapons. A decent adrenaline rush is guaranteed for the whole group of friends. A night to remember!


The party room has a darts game and a projector, a computer and speakers. 


More info and booking: sale@laskmine.ee


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The package includes:
Use of the banquet room for two hours (each subsequent hour costs 20€) and the activity of your choice.
Introducing safety rules and instructions.
It is followed by the presentation and testing of weapons under the guidance of an instructor.