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Get your friends, colleagues, co-partners or teammates together and come and find out who has the sharpest eye and the firmest hand. Who has the eagle eye


Start with team building at Tondi Shooting Range. This package is the perfect first step into the gun world! The competition lasts for an hour, but honor and glory are eternal. The loser can only hope for better luck next time!


You will have 2 weapons:


  • 10 shots from the pistol of your choice – Glock 17, 19; Sigsauer, Walther, HK P30 or Beretta
  • 10 shots from a carbine of your choice – M4, Kalashnikov, DAA or BT9APC


Package price: 30 EUR/person


Eagle Eye event program: Each participant can shoot 10 shots from one pistol and 10 shots from one carbine.


In addition, you will be able to use the seminar room for two hours for training or just for a pleasant stay. The room is equipped with a projector, computer and speakers. If you wish, our partner can serve you snacks as well as hot meals.


If the above is not enough, you can always add additional weapons and training.


So come on – let’s find who is the eagle eye of your group!


More info and booking: sale@laskmine.ee


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The package includes:
2h banquet room (for each subsequent hour 20 €).
Introducing safety rules and instructions.
It is followed by the presentation and testing of weapons under the guidance of an instructor.