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Secure Company – what does it mean?

This is a necessary training for everyone, because here you acquire skills that are not taught at school and which you do not want to learn from just experience on your own.


Secure Company training course provides an overview of how to deal with different types of attacks, how to give first aid and help the victim. The goal is to ensure the security of yourself, your loved ones and your colleagues. We hope that there will never be such a situation in your life where you need to use these skills. But if this situation were to occur, then you and your team have the knowledge and skills to save your life or the life of your colleagues.

Secure Company training topics:

  • Action in the event of an attack, a surprise attack or a shootout (how such events occur, action during an event: where to hide, which walls defend you and which don’t, etc.);
  • Self-defense, emergency situation, action and crossing of limits of the protection situation;
  • Life-saving first aid (how to save the life of your close ones, how to stop bleeding, call for help, and what not to do);
  • Self-defense activities in case of an attack (from the simplest to the worse situations);
  • Safe handling and control of weapons and what to do when you find a weapon;
  • Shooting at the shooting range.


We can also change, add or omit topics according to your desires. As said, Secure Company package is for your safety and needs.

Duration of training is about 6 hours.

If you wish, our partner can serve you snacks as well as hot meals.


More info and booking: sale@laskmine.ee


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The package includes:
2h banquet room (for each following hour 20 €).
Introducing safety rules and instructions.
It is followed by the presentation and testing of weapons under the guidance of an instructor.