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The Great Halloween and Zombie Hunt at Tondi Shooting Range in Tallinn

The Great Halloween and Zombie Hunt at Tondi Shooting Range in Tallinn


The Great Halloween and Zombie Hunt at Tondi Shooting Range in Tallinn

Halloween and great zombie hunt at Tondi Shooting Range. We want Halloween to go off with a proper bang. There’s also a zombie hunt range with real anti-zombie weaponry: submachine gun, the civil version of the assault rifle M400, and the shotgun. Players move along the path with the instructor’s aid and shoot different zombies. These targets are no simple paper sheets, but actual 3D zombies! The path comes with smoke, screams, flashes and moving target sheets! The weapons have flashlights and holographic sights. What you use is your choice! NB – not recommended for people who scare easily!!!

Carbines and rifles

  • Glock DAA – 15 shots
  • SigSauer M400 carbine – 10 shots
  • Shotgun Winchester 12cal – 5 shots

Package costs 45€

Opening hours during the zombie hunt:

27.10 from 10 AM to 8 PM

28.10 from 12 to 8 PM

29.10 from 12 to 8 PM

30.10 from 12 to 8 PM

31.10 from 5 to 11 PM


Book a time at 555 85416 or sale@laskmine.ee 


Wiki says: Halloween is the night of October 31 against November 1. This coincides with the All Hallows’ Eve of western Christianity. Historians believe its roots to be in pagan Celtic rituals. Halloween is particularly popular in North America.

The holiday was established in America by emigrants (most probably the Irish), was commercialised there and now came back to Europe in full circle. The main symbol is a hollowed-out pumpkin with a face cut into its side and a candle on the inside – the pumpkin lantern. People also like to use the opportunity to run around in costumes. Children trick-or-treat their neighbours, giving them the option “Trick or treat?”. A trick means a prank. If the neighbour has prepared for visitors, they might hand out candy. But if they refuse, they can count on a prank or trick. After Halloween, people in the neighbourhood can spend a lot of time guessing who was behind a given mask because boys and girls often change clothes and then put up a show accordingly. If they can’t get proper monster masks, make-up will make up for it. Halloween is also topical for company events – costume or theme nights are frequently done.

Zombie or zombi comes from Afro-Caribbean mythology and voodoo, meaning a corpse reanimated with witchcraft. The word most probably originates from West-African languages (zumbi means idol in Kikongo, nzambi means god in Kimbundu, etc.).

In popular culture (horror films, etc.) zombies are depicted as living corpses with limited intelligence and a yearning for the flesh of the living.

In neural science, a zombie (zombie state) refers to a person who responds to sensory input quickly and stereotypically without acknowledging (thinking about) them. Such a state may occur for simple (e.g. assembly line work) as well as relatively complex behaviour (e.g. acting in traffic).

Come alone or bring a friend, either way you’ll have plenty to do!