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Zombie Hunt is one of our most popular events on the Halloween. Now we decided to mix things up and make it a shooting package. Let’s be honest, zombies don’t choose their attack dates by holidays. You have to be ready all the time!


Zombie Hunt includes a track, where the hunt takes place with some real and true zombie huntguns: like machine-gun, SigSauer M400 and a Winchester. With the guidance of an instructor, you’ll move through the course and shoot different zombies. And we didn’t come here to play! The track has real 3D zombies, not just paper sheet targets. To get the adrenaline rush to the max, we’ll add some smoke, a little bit screaming, flash and moving targets! There are a flashlight and a holopoint added to the gun. But it is your choice what and when You want to use. Or not. But we promise you – it is going to be one hell of a zombie hunt!


PS: Not meant for the fainthearted!


Package includes: 

  • Glock CAA – 15 shots
  • SigSauer M400  – 10 shots
  • Winchester 12cal – 5 shots


This package is suitable for a corporate event or a birthday. But also why not just gather your friends and have some zombie-fun! This package has it all – the thrill, adrenaline and zombies. Are you ready?


Go and book a visit! Tondi Shootingrange is ready for you!


But when a zombie hunt seem a bit to exciting or you feel you need a little more warming up to do, go and check out our other packages.

The package includes:
Safety instructions and briefing.
Going through the track under the guidence of an instructor.

Duration: 2h

Glock CAA Tactical

Caliber 9x19 15 Good and comfortable service gun, available on both sides, as the equipment is duplicated on both sides.

Sig-Sauer M400

Caliber 5,56 10 SigSauer.M400 A good modern assault rifle, or the further development of US-made M16 by Sig-Sauer, once manufactured as response to Russia's Kalashnikov.


Caliber 12 cal 5 If you wish to shoot down metal, this is the right choice. This weapon was at its very best in the Terminator movie - if anything needs to be shot in half or into pieces, then it's Winchester!