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Mini Zombie is basically the little brother of our Zombie Hunt package. And although this package may be smaller in size, it still has the same spirit and thrill its bigger sibling has.

So far Zombie Hunt was one of our most popular shooting events on Halloween. But after a long consideration we came to conclusion that in the time and age we are living in, one must always be ready for a zombie attack. So we offer You a chance to practice!


Mini Zombie is almost like Zombie Hunt, but just a tiny bit smaller in size. The size of the group has to be at least 5 people, there will still be 3 different weapons, but the track is a bit more compact than the bigger one. Overall it will still be an adventure. Also think about it, it is easier to get together a smaller group of friends. And then You can come and check out the track and have an exciting time. After that, You can talk to Your other friends and kaboom – You have 15+ people to come for the big Zombie Hunt.


The track for Mini Zombie package still includes 3D zombies. And our instructors will follow and guide You through the track. The weapons in use for the best possible experience are:


PS: Not meant for the fainthearted!


Package includes: 

  • BT APC 15 shots
  • Winchester 12cal 5 shots
  • Reminghton 700 3 shots


This mini-package is also suitable for a corporate event or a birthday. But also why not just gather your friends and have some zombie-fun! This package has it all – the thrill, adrenaline and zombies. Are you ready?


Go and book a visit! Tondi Shooting range is ready for you!


But when a zombie hunt seem a bit to exciting or you feel you need a little more warming up to do, go and check out our other packages.

The package includes:
Safety instructions and briefing.
Going through the track under the guidence of an instructor.

Duration: 1h


Caliber 9x19 15 The newest semi-automatic pistol originates from the Swiss manufacturer, is convenient, precise and has minimum kickback

Reminghton 700

Caliber .308 3 A specially assembled weapon. The frame is a special solution and the system is taken from Remington 700. The best weapon for accurate shot.


Caliber 12 cal 5 If you wish to shoot down metal, this is the right choice. This weapon was at its very best in the Terminator movie - if anything needs to be shot in half or into pieces, then it's Winchester!