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Holidays in Tallinn!


Are you planning to spend your holidays in Tallinn? Let us think … Certainly there are plans for bigger shopping. A visit to the Christmas Market is also planned. Old Town tour … Fine dining. Maybe visiting some friends over here. Parties… And so on, isn’t it?


But besides all the other cool things to do in Tallinn, here’s another one for you. Come spend time in the Tondi Shooting Range and create adrenaline-filled memories. We have many different shooting packages, different price ranges and weapons – all giving a different experience. Except, of course, that they all pull up the adrenaline.


If you just want to get away from all this Christmas madness for a moment, we have some shooting packages for one. Like for example My First Bang, Testing of Pistols and Adrenaline Rush. However, if you are enjoying some holiday romance with your special someone, we do have shooting packages for two. Like Take a Friend to a Shooting Range and Dynamic Duo. And if you just want to have some away time with your child, we have a special Junior and Senior package waiting. But there is no need to worry if you are visiting Tallinn with a larger group of friends or family. We also have separate group packages ready on the shelf.


Basically, we have everything. In our selection of packages, there are options for beginners as well as those who have been in the shooting range before. And to put your mind at ease, we assure that you are under the watchful eye of our best instructors, and they will guide and assist you at all times.


So go ahead and find out more about our shooting packages here.


Come spend holidays in Tallinn!


If you have any questions or to book a time, please contact us at +372 555 85 416 or email sale@laskmine.ee