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Things to do in Tallinn


Are you looking for things to do in Tallinn? You have done so many different things already and are looking out for some new exciting adventures? Welcome to Tondi Shooting Range!

And we mean it! You are always welcome here! We offer a wide range of different shooting packages. Everyone will find a suitable one – from beginners to experienced gun nuts.

Our main shooting packages are categorized as packages for individuals, for two and for groups. In them you can find different opportunities how to meet your inner gun nut. For example if you want to come alone, you can try out our beginner package called My First Bang. It is the perfect introduction for someone who is interested in weapons, but has no experience yet.

Or if you already have been to shooting range before and know thing or two, look our Adrenaline Rush package. We promise – you will like it. And this is basically how all the categories work. They all have something for total beginners and for a already a weapons enthusiasts.

But don’t you think we are stoping just here. We have some adrenaline filled and exciting offers in the events department also. For instance a Bachelor Party package. You can come and put the groom to be to the test and have fun with the hole gang. And no worries ladies, we have got you covered – there is a Bachelorette Party package also. Show them all what you are made of!

Check out more in our Shooting Events page.

We also haven’t forgot about corporate events. Check out the page and you will see, just how different you can make an office outing. We are pretty sure, that all of the office events organized in Tondi Shooting Range, will be the ones, the office buzz about a long time.

Coming to Tondi Shooting Range is just the answer you were looking for your question – things to do in Tallinn…? So sneek around in our home page for a while and book a visit!