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Halloween costumes?

Halloween costumes are one hell of a nightmare to figure out, right? But how fitting that is also?
It is so hard to decide if You want to go over the top or stay simple. Or if You should go couples style or not. And when You are single, who sho
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Halloween Zombie Hunt in Tallinn

If You are a real zombie fan, then we are pretty sure You can’t wait for the new season of The Walking Dead. And while You have been watching how Daryl and Carol go through the living dead with a blink of an eye, there has always been this tingi
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Zombie Weekend at Tondi Shooting range

THIS is what You’ve been waiting for! We know it, ‘cause we’ve seen You lurking around on our page checking out our Zombie packages!
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Zombie Hunt in Tallinn

Zombie Hunt has been one of our most highly anticipated shooting events that takes place around Halloween. But we decided to change things up a bit. Zombie Hunt is here to stay!
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Things to do in Tallinn

Are you looking for things to do in Tallinn? You have done so many different things already and are looking out for some new exciting adventures? Welcome to Tondi Shooting Range!
We offer a wide range of different shooting packages.
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