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Halloween Zombie Hunt in Tallinn


Halloween Zombie Hunt has always been one of our most highly anticipated shooting events in October. It is a adventure of a lifetime and You have a chance to become a real zombiehunter! So, are You reday for a real Halloween Zombie Hunt in Tallinn?


If You are a real zombie fan, then we are pretty sure You can’t wait for the new season of The Walking Dead. And while You have been watching how Daryl and Carol go through the living dead with a blink of an eye, there has always been this tingiling feeling of ’what if’? Now the stars are aligning and a Halloween Zombie Hunt is here again!


But when?
31.October – 3.November 2019!


Halloween Zombie Hunt in Tallinn includes:


  • Glock CAA – 15 shots
  • SigSauer M400 – 10 shots
  • Winchester 12cal – 5 shots


Price: 45€/per person


Zombie Hunt includes a track, where the hunt takes place with some real and true zombie hunting guns: like machine-gun, SigSauer M400 and a Winchester. With the guidance of an instructor, you’ll move through the course and shoot different zombies. And we didn’t come here to play! The track has real 3D zombies, not just paper sheet targets. To get the adrenaline rush to the max, we’ll add some smoke, a little bit screaming, flash and moving targets! There are a flashlight and a holopoint added to the gun. But it is your choice what and when You want to use. Or not. But we promise you – it is going to be one hell of a zombie hunt!


PS: Not meant for the fainthearted!


Halloween Zombie Hunt in Tallinn – book a time now! Tondi Shooting Range is ready for YOU!

Call us: + 372 555 85416
Or e-mail: sale@laskmine.ee


This special offer is an unique opportunity to take on the zombie hunt by Yourself. Our different Zombie Hunt packages are usually meant for 5+ people. But at Halloween we let things lose. Also, it gives You a chance to see and experience this package, so next time You can bring Your friends or colleauges!