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Zombie Weekend at Tondi Shooting range

Zombie Weekend at Tondi Shooting range


THIS is what You’ve been waiting for! We know it, ‘cause we’ve seen You lurking around on our page checking out our Zombie packages! Zombie Weekend at Tondi Shooting Range on 24.-25.august gives You a change to check out our Mini Zombie package.


Zombie Weekend is an event that is special in everyway possible. First of all – it is a weekend… Full of zombies… You know. But also, it gives You a change to come and check out the Mini Zombie package alone, if You want to. Because usually this package is meant for at least 5 person. This time – come and let Your fantasy run wild!


Oh, You haven’t read about the Mini Zombie package yet? Let me give You a quick tour.


Mini Zombie isn’t just any ordinary shooting package in our shooting range. It’s not one of those – I have to stand still, take time to aim and shoot – packages. Did You really think, that this is how a zombie hunt works? No, no, no! It is a proper hijinks! It includes shooting from a weapon of a sniper, machine-gun and a Winchester. To amp things up, there are flashing lights and smoke. And screaming! Let’s not forget screaming! And by that we mean – yes, we have arranged some screams and noises and stuff… But mostly it will be You guys, the hunters, who will be making some squeaks along the way.

Back to the hunting. Like in special forces, You’ll begin with some sniper shots – to get You in the mood and the adrenaline pump to work. After that You move on with a machine-gun and for the big finale, You clear the room with the Winchester! Come on and hunt some 3D zombies and make those pumpkins regret their life choices!



Mini Zombie hunting weapons are:


BT APC – 15 shots


Winchester 12cal – 5 shots


Reminghton 700 – 3 shots


For this adrenaline filled hunt You have to pay 40€/per person.


So, 24.-25.august – You know You want to!


Book a time for Zombie weekend at Tondi Shooting Range now! It is a limited time offer and the one who books their time first, will have the smile on their face and gunpowder smell in their nose.



Booking:  laskmine@laskmine.ee or +372 56462128!

Also check out our Facebook page for this event.


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