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150 €

Have you become a bit of a gun nut already? And you want to improve your skills even more? 10x more? Well, here is an offer for you. Tondi Shooting Range’s 10x card!

The 10x card offers you a chance to practise and improve your gun handeling skills. It also ensures the continuity in the range, which is a premise for development and improvement!

We think you already know, what abilities in your case needs some improvement. And we want to give you the best possible surrounding to do so. 10x card equals 10x better skills.


Or are you ready for some real commitment? 10x does not seem enough? You want to become 20x better? Go and purchase a 20x card then. Simple – right? We know. We like to keep things simple.


If you have any other questions, contact us! We are always ready to answer any questions or conserns that might come up. As said, we want to give the best enviroment and conditions possible.

The package includes:
10x card