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Choose the weapons that you want

From 5 €

What if none of the packages is really what you want? No problem – come and choose the weapons that you want to shoot with!


What does it mean – choose the weapons that you want to shoot?  Our large and versatile arsenal has pistols of a very different caliber and character. Many modern and comfortable automatic weapons. Also a large range of weapons manufactured by the Russian armament industry and legendary weapons from the KGB era. This includes large rifles and a shotgun known from movies. Basically, we have everything you can ask! And everything you can’t even think about right now!


Come and choose your kind of a weapon! Tondi Shooting Range is waiting for you!

The package includes:
Introduction of safety rules and briefing.
It is followed by the demonstration of the weapons and the walk-through of the track under the guidance of an instructor.

Duration: ca 1h

Add weapons

You can add weapons and ammunition to all packages. Tell your additional wish for weapons and shooting on-site to the instructor or add them already when booking!