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Have you and your friends ever thought, that it would be fun to go to a shooting range together? But neither you nor your friends have any experience with weapons? Our first bang is just the right package for beginners like you and your group.

Our first bang package is suitable for the group of 5. It includes shooting with 2 different weapons and 20 shots per person.

As the package name applies – our first bang – it is your first time at a shooting range and we know it. Our professional instructors are here for you and your friends. They explain everything to your group – from safety to the actual shooting. And everything in between. You have questions? Your friends have questions? They will have the answers for you.

We want to make sure, that the next time you visit our shooting range with your friends, you will feel comfortable already. And that you have the basic knowledge of different weapons and how to use them safely. You never know, maybe there will be some natural talents among your group of friends.

Also, the next time your group visits us, you can already safely choose some of the more powerful packages!

Have no doubt – we promise you and your friends an overall fun time and adrenaline filled experience!

Want to see what could be the next step for you and your friends? Check out our Brothers in arms and VIP Group packages.


Price for five: 150 €

Or 30 € per friend


Package includes per shooter:

  • 9mm pistol: 10 shots
  • Carabine 9mm: 10 shots
The package includes:
Safety instructions and briefing.
It is followed by a demonstration and the testing of all the weapons under the guidance of an instructor.

Duration: ca 1h

Glock 25

Caliber .380 10 A miniature spare weapon, which can be easily concealed!

Glock CAA Tactical

Caliber 9x19 15 Good and comfortable service gun, available on both sides, as the equipment is duplicated on both sides.

Nagan 7,62x38R

Caliber 7,62x38R 6 Revolver Nagan was manufactured for the Russian Czarist army. Come and see that the men shooting it had to be made of steel ...

Reminghton 700

Caliber .308 3 A specially assembled weapon. The frame is a special solution and the system is taken from Remington 700. The best weapon for accurate shot.

Sig-Sauer Mosquito

Caliber .22LR 10 Small caliber pistol, suitable for first shots!

Sig-Sauer P320

Caliber 9x19 10 One of Sig-Sauer's newest pistols, made according to the logic and ergonomics of the 1911. Very comfortable and with a good trigger.

Add weapons

You can add weapons and ammunition to all packages. Tell your additional wish for weapons and shooting on-site to the instructor or add them already when booking!