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When you are looking for something fun and exciting to do with your friends, family, guests or coworkers in Tallinn? You think that a little adrenaline rush is exactly what the group needs? We think that the VIP Group package is the thing you are looking for.


VIP Group package includes 6 different weapons and 43 shots per person. You and your friends can come to just try out shooting different weapons and learn a thing or two about them.

But also you can have some fun-filled mini-competition for the group. Why not blow out some steam and find out who has the sharpest eye and steadiest hand among your group of friends.


Whichever you choose, it is guaranteed, that the VIP Group shooting package will give you the suspense and thrill of a lifetime. You’ll have an overall unforgettable experience that you, your friends, family or coworkers will never forget.


Our instructors are here to help and guide you and your friends and will always look out for the safety of the group. They will also make sure, that the whole group will have the best experience in the world.



Shooting package includes (per person): 

  • Pistol: 10 shots
  • .357 revolver: 5 shots
  • Kalashnikov: 10 shots
  • Shotgun: 5 shots
  • M4: 10 shots
  • Sniper: 3 shots


PS: When You want to come to try out VIP Group shooting package with 2-4 people, the price for the package will be 75€!


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The package includes:
Safety instructions and briefing.
It is followed by a demonstration and the testing of all the weapons under the guidance of an instructor.

Duration: ca 1h

Beretta 92

Caliber 9x19 10 The legendary Beretta pistol, we certainly have seen this weapon held by Hannibal Smith in A-team!

Glock 17

Caliber 9x19 10 The first gun in the world with a plastic frame, the most legendary and most durable in its class!


Caliber 7,62x39 10 There's probably no need to add that this is one of the most widely used automatic guns in the world. Highly reliable and with corresponding sound and kickback!

Reminghton 700

Caliber .308 3 A specially assembled weapon. The frame is a special solution and the system is taken from Remington 700. The best weapon for accurate shot.

Ruger LCR

Caliber .357 5 Compact revolver manufactured by one of the highest quality weapons manufacturers.

Sig-Sauer P320

Caliber 9x19 10 One of Sig-Sauer's newest pistols, made according to the logic and ergonomics of the 1911. Very comfortable and with a good trigger.

Sig-Sauer M400

Caliber 5,56 10 SigSauer.M400 A good modern assault rifle, or the further development of US-made M16 by Sig-Sauer, once manufactured as response to Russia's Kalashnikov.


Caliber 12 cal 5 If you wish to shoot down metal, this is the right choice. This weapon was at its very best in the Terminator movie - if anything needs to be shot in half or into pieces, then it's Winchester!

Add weapons

You can add weapons and ammunition to all packages. Tell your additional wish for weapons and shooting on-site to the instructor or add them already when booking!