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Take a friend to the shooting range

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You and your friend are inseparable? You do everything together? You have stayed together through thick and thin? You define yourselves as Best Friends Forever? And you two are now looking for some new adventures to take on? ‘Take a friend to the shooting range’ package is meant just for that! New exciting adventures two friends can take on together!

Let us paint the picture. You and your friend come to Tondi shooting range. You will be guided through safety instructions and you will get to know, how different weapons work. Then you will take on the shooting part. You will try out 3 different weapons. Three legendary weapons. And after you two are done, you will have huge smiles on your faces and you will high five your best friend and say: “Well, that was awesome!” As a bonus, the next time you will be watching action movies, you can say: “seen that, done that”!


Take a Friend to the shooting range package includes:

Walter PPQ 9mm Pistol: 10 + 10 shots
Pistol Quill BT 9APC Red Spot with 9mm Destination: 10 + 10 Shots
Karabin AK Kalashnikov 7.62×39: 10 + 10 Shots


Sounds like great times, right? We will promise you, that this is exactly right kind of adrenaline rush you two are looking for! And if you are done with this package and are looking for some more fun, bring your bestie along and try  Dynamic Duo. Let’s make awesome memories you will never forget!

Also, did you know, you can bring more than one friend to our shooting range? For that check out our other packages like Brothers in Arms or VIP Group.

The package includes:

Introducing safety instructions and briefing.
It is followed by the presentation and testing of weapons under the guidance of an instructor.

Duration: ca 1h


Caliber 9x19 15 The newest semi-automatic pistol originates from the Swiss manufacturer, is convenient, precise and has minimum kickback


Caliber 7,62x39 10 There's probably no need to add that this is one of the most widely used automatic guns in the world. Highly reliable and with corresponding sound and kickback!

Walther PPQ

Caliber 9x19 10 One of the best and most accurate modern pistols in the world - excellent trigger and ergonomics. This pistol is a benchmark for all modern models even today!

Add weapons

You can add weapons and ammunition to all packages. Tell your additional wish for weapons and shooting on-site to the instructor or add them already when booking!