Terms and conditions


Frequently Asked Questions

  • O Engineering is liable for the personal data of the client which is submitted in making purchases and these are only used in fulfilling the order and staying in contact with the clients.
  • Personal data submitted by the client is considered as confidential information.
  • O Engineering reserves the right to send the clients information on new offers.
  • The client has the right to notify of his/her wish not to receive offers sent by ee in the future and to request stopping the processing of his/her data or deletion of data gathered so far from the database of T.O Engineering.
  • All personal data of the client which have become known in the course of visiting the e-store of ee and of making purchases are considered as confidential information. Except in the cases when the courier needs your name, phone number and delivery address for the delivery of the goods or in other cases prescribed by law.
  • An encrypted data communication channel with banks ensures the security of personal data and bank information of the purchaser; in addition, ee e-store has no access to these.
  • The seller ensures the protection and use of the data of the purchaser, including personal data, pursuant to the procedure prescribed by the General Terms and Conditions. Stemming from the valid legislation and the provisions of the General Terms and Conditions, the seller has the right to process the data (including personal data) without the consent of the purchaser in the extent that is necessary for the use of the e-store, for the performance of the sales contract or for ensuring the performance of the sales contract. Pursuant to the above, the seller has, without a separate consent, among other things the right to:
    – send the purchaser notices related to the use of the services of the e-store, including notices the sending of which is in the interests of the security of the e-store users;
    – maintain data of the orders of the purchaser who has logged into the e-store for better servicing of the purchasers and for proving transactions, including data of such orders that the purchaser did not complete in the course of the session within a reasonable term.
  • The purchaser has the right to revoke the consent granted for the marketing use of the data at any time by sending the seller a corresponding e-mail or by following the instructions in the direct marketing offer sent to his/her e-mail address to refuse from further direct marketing offers.