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Tondi Shooting Range is looking for an Eagle Eye!

Tondi Shooting Range is looking for an Eagle Eye!


The hunt for an eagle eye has begun! Yes! That’s right! Tondi Shooting Range is looking for an Eagle Eye! Being an eagle eye doesn’t mean, that you just have to be accurate. When an eagle has spotted his target, he makes an accurate and also quick attack. Also, this eagle eye challenge also goes perfectly with the birthay of Estonia. Come and shoot some metal in the honor of Estonia’s birthday!


Tondi lasketiir otsib kotkasilma, M4

What do you have to do, to be in the running for the position of an eagle eye? The only CV we want to see, are your quick and accurate shots in the shooting range. We have put together a simple challenge. It will show how calm you stay after the first bang of M4 and how many carrots you have been eating.


Ok, all jokes aside. How you can actually make sure if you are an eagle eye or not?


Overview of the challenge: 

Weapon: USA’s offensive weapon SigSauer M400 with a decent optics made and manufactured by estonians.

Position: Static from one position in a marked area.

Start and finish: The time starts after the sound signal and stops after the last shot.

Targets: Metal targets stand on 20-45m line. In total 10 targets and 10 shots!

Rating: Both accuracy and time counts.

Price: 25€ per person

Duration of the challenge: 08.02. – 01.07.2020


The best of the best, the true eagle eyes, will get prices from Tondi Shooting Range!


First place: Shooting package Adrenaline Rush (value 120€)
Second place: Shooting package Shooting Foreplay (value 55€)
Third place: Shooting package My First Bang (value 30€)


So answer to these questions: Are you quick? Are you accurate? Are you ready? When you said yes to all of these, then what are you waiting for? Come and put yourself to the test!

There is no need to worry though, when you didn’t answer yes to all of the questions above. You do the story about a turtle who beat the rabbit in a race? And that even a blind chicken is able to find a grain? Everyone has their shot!



Info and booking: sale@laskmine.ee or +372 555 85 416


Tondi Shooting Range is looking for an eagle eye – are you the one?

Tondi lasketiir otsib kotkasilma, M4