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Virtual Gift Cards from Tondi Shooting Range

Gift cards are a great gift for a friend. Virtual gift cards are even better!
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Valentine’s Day Special in Tondi Shooting Range

Valentine's Day is not so far away anymore, so it is just the right time to begin to think about it! We also have a special offer...
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Tondi Shooting Range on Holidays

Tondi Shooting Range will take some time to eat all the ginger breads on the holidays, but we are still waiting for you!
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Tondi Shooting Range challenges you

Are you ready to put yourself to the test? Do you want to know, how quick and accurate you really are? Tondi Shooting Range challenges you to test your accuracy, speed and sharpness with the US Weapon M4. Read more in the article.
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Things to do in Tallinn

Are you looking for things to do in Tallinn? You have done so many different things already and are looking out for some new exciting adventures? Welcome to Tondi Shooting Range!
We offer a wide range of different shooting packages.
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