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Valentine’s Day Special in Tondi Shooting Range

Valentine’s Day Special in Tondi Shooting Range


Valentine’s Day is not so far away anymore, so it is just the right time to begin to think about it! What do you want to do with your special someone or special friend on that day? You know, when teddybears, flowers, candy and chocolate are all so yesterdays news. Tondi Shooting Range has something for every special friend out there! Our Valentine’s Day special offer is just down below!


When your special someone is a real gun nut , then always have the chance to gift them a “Be My Valentine” gift card from Tondi Shooting Range. Did you know, that we have two different types of “Be My Valentine” gift cards – for one and for two. So when you yourself are not that big of a gun fan, you can just send your friend to the shooting range. But on the other case, when you are the one who spends their time in shooting range ALL THE TIME and your friend asks you WHY… It is your chance to show them WHY!


We also have a shooting package called “Take a Friend to the shooting range”. It is also meant for two. But if you wanna bring a bigger group of friends to shooting range, then you can look our “Brothers in arms” and “VIP Group shooting packages. Those shooting packages are meant for groups in the size of 5 or more people. The more the merrier, right?


Valentine’s Day Special!


Vip duo


According to the calendar, valentine’s day is only one day long. But for our friends, we decided to make it longer. Also, with a little twist of adrenaline!


Special offer nr 1:

When book a time for a “Take a friend to the shooting range” package from 14.01.2020 – 14.02.2020, you will get 3+3 extra shots from a shotgun Winchester.


Package includes:

  • Pistol HK P30 or Glock 17 9mm: 10 + 10 shots
  • BT 9APC 9mm: 10 + 10 shots
  • M400 .223: 10 + 10 shots

BONUS: Winchester .12cal: 3 + 3 shots


Special offer nr 2:

Every one who come and use their “Be My Valentine” (For two) gift cards from 07.02.2020 – 21.02.2020, also get 3+3 extra shots from a shotgun Winchester.


Gift Card includes:

  • Pistol Walter PPQ 9MM: 10 + 10 shots
  • DAA Tactical  9mm: 10 + 10 shots
  • AK Kalašnikov 5.56/7.62mm: 10 + 10 shots

BONUS: Winchester .12cal: 3 + 3 shots



So? Are you willing to do something different this year?


Book a time to Tondi Shooting Range by phone +372 5558 5416 or e-mail sale@laskmine.ee


Order your Valentine’s Day gift card here!

Shooting package “Take a friend to the shooting range” can be found here!