Be My Valentine for two

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This product comes with the following vouchers:

  • Gift Certificate / Store credit of 65 

When your special someone or friend is a real gunpowder smell lover, then you have the chance to gift them a Be My Valentine shooting package gift card. Tondi Shooting Ranges Be My Valentine gift cards come in two options. Be My Valentine for one and Be My Valentine for two. So, when you yourself don’t think much about making some bangs in the shooting range, you can just send your friend over there. Or on the opposite – when you are the gun nut and your friend or special someone keeps asking you ‘why oh why’… Then Be My Valentine for two is the perfect way to show WHY!


Be My Valentine for two gift card includes 30 + 30 shots total from 3 different weapons.


Heckler&Koch P30 or Sigsauer P320 – 10 + 10 shots

DAA Tactical – 10 + 10 shots

Kalašnikov 7,62mm or M4 – 10 + 10 shots


Did you know, that Tondi Shooting Range also has this gift card as a virtual gift card? And you can have it on your e-mail in the matter of minutes? Aaaaand you can also send it straight to the recipient? Well what do you know – we do!

All you have to do, is to choose the gift card you want, add it to shopping cart, then add the recipients name (and e-mail adress if you want to) and then go and pay for it. The gift card will be send to your (or the recipients) e-mail address and voila! Done!


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