Special Forces

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  • Gift Certificate / Store credit of 90 
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Special Forces gift card hides an exciting adventure with powerful weapons and adrenaline. If You ask, for who this gift card is most suitable for, we have to say, that it is especially for someone who has already become acquainted with the world of weapons. For someone who is looking for the next challenge and who wants to choose which weapons to take with them on their adventure.


This package includes shooting from different distances and positions. The track has hideouts, boards and openings that will give the opportunity of a real challenge. It is a track we created in our shooting range to assure, that one can learn new tricks and to improve ones skillset. We have built the track in a way to offer an attractive challenge! The adrenaline-filled special forces trail starts with a sniper. Then moves on to support weapons and the final shot comes from a shotgun. Falling targets are also targeted, and pistols are fired in different directions. It’s a chance to feel like a real Special Forces member!


The Special Forces gift card gives you the opportunity to choose the ones you like from the given weapons. A total of 6 weapons and 55 shots!


Selection includes:


2x Pistol 9×19 – 10 + 10 shots

  • Weapons (choose 2):
    CZ-75 SP01
    Glock 17
    Glock 19
    Glock 19pro
    Heckler&Koch P30
    Sig-Sauer 226
    Sig-Sauer P320
    Sig-Sauer SP2022
    Walther PPQ
    Heckler&Koch SFP9

1x Semi-automatic pistol 9×19 – 15 shots

  • Weapons (choose 1):
    Beretta CX4 Storm
    BT APC9
    Glock CAA Tactical
    CZ Scorpion EVO3
    Heckler&Koch 5SP

1x AR type assault rifle .223 – 10 shots

  • Weapons (choose 1):
    Sig-Sauer M400
    Nord Arms NA 223

1x Precision rifle/Sniper – 5 shots

  • Weapons (choose 1):
    Nord Arms NA 308

1x Shotgun 12cal – 5 shots

  • Weapon:


Our instructors will introduce the weapons and the trail on site. They are ready to answer all  questions and make sure that this adventure goes smoothly. If you think that your friend is ready for this unique experience, then what are you waiting for!


If you are looking for an even greater amount of adrenaline and excitement, then the Adrenaline Rush package may be just right for you. There is no movement, but 12 different weapons are waiting for you! However, when You wanna visit us with friends, we recommend exploring the possibilities here.