My First Bang

“My First Bang!” is for those weapons and shooting fans who do not yet have the relevant experience.

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This product comes with the following vouchers:

  • Gift Certificate / Store credit of 30 

Do You have a friend, who has been wondering what it’s like to shoot from a weapon? But haven’t quite build up the courage to try? My First Bang gift card is perfect for that occasion!


My First Bang gift card includes:

2 weapons of your choosing

20 shots total


Did you know, that Tondi Shooting Range also has this gift card as a virtual gift card? And you can have it on your e-mail in the matter of minutes? Aaaaand you can also send it straight to the recipient? Well what do you know – we do!


You may be already a fan of weapons and shooting, but you haven’t just tried it yet. Or you may be a fan already and you just don’t know it. Nevertheless we will tell you one thing – have no fear. Our ‘My First Bang’ gift card package is built up just the way, that you could have an awesome first experience. Our trained professionals will make everything super clear to you before you begin – from safety to the actual shooting.

No matter your gender or age, level of education or the briskness of your trigger finger – we’ve got you covered. My First Bang includes shooting from 2 different weapons by your choice and 20 shots total.

Whatever the case, first times can be scary. But think for a moment. Your first time at our shooting range could be the start of your exclusive career at shooting sports. Or, why not, you’ll become a sharpshooter. Only the sky is the limit, as they like to say. So come and have your first experience with us and we guarantee you, that your first time, isn’t going to be your last time!