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Are you looking an adrenaline filled experience for your friend? Well, get them our KGB VIP gift card!

KGB VIP gift card is a special offer, because it is not available in our regular packages. So it is a unique opportunity to really go nuts in the shooting range. In a good way, we mean.


KGB VIP gift card includes:


Introduction of safety rules and instructions.
It is followed by the demonstration of the weapons and the walk-through of the track under the guidance of an instructor.


  • Pistol Makarov – 8 shots
  • Pistol Tokarev – 8 shots
  • Pistol PSM – 3 shots
  • Revolver Nagan – 6 shots
  • Kalašnikov – 20 shots
  • Mosin-Nagan – 3 shots
  • Saiga pump – 5 shots
  • SKSCZ 92 – 5 shots
  • Tanfoglio GT27 – 5 shots
  • Revolver Taurus .38scompact – 5 shots
  • Glock 19PRO – 10 shots
  • MP5 compact – 10 shots
  • Glock CAA Tactical – 15 shots


105 shots in total!

Duration: ca 1,5h


So do you think your friend is ready?


Tondi Shooting Range also has virtual gift cards!


You can also buy virtual gift cards! All you have to do, is to choose the gift card you want, add it to shopping cart, then add the recipients name (and e-mail adress if you want to) and then go and pay for it. The gift card will be send to your (or the recipients) e-mail adress and voila! Done!


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