Brothers in Arms

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This product comes with the following vouchers:

  • Gift Certificate / Store credit of 200 

What is more fun than going to the shooting range alone? That’s right – going to the shooting range with your friends! Brothers in arms gift card includes shooting package that is suitable for 5 friends. This package includes firing from 4 different weapons 30 shots per person.


Brothers in Arms gift card includes (per shooter):

pistol: 10 shots
revolver: 5 shots
Kalashnikov: 10 shots
Shotgun: 5 shots


Duration: ca 1h


Did you know, that Tondi Shooting Range also has this gift card as a virtual gift card? And you can have it on your e-mail in the matter of minutes? Aaaaand you can also send it straight to the recipient? Well what do you know – we do!


You have a whole bunch of mates interested in guns? Then come and put yourself and your friends to the test! Find out who has the sharpest eye, whose trigger finger twitches and who jumps the highest when the first bang goes off. A little competition never hurt nobody! Or if you think that the gang isn’t ready for a competition yet, have no worries.

Brothers in arms package doesn’t have to be about the competition only. You can also just learn new skills with your friends and gain experiences. It is an opportunity to improve your shooting and gun handling skills in an open and an immediate environment. Our instructors are here to guide and help, if necessary and will always keep an eye on the safety for you and your friends.

Nevertheless, we know that you and your friends will have a great time and make memories that will last for a lifetime. Because, how can one forget a friend, who shot their first bullet right to the bullseye? That’s right, you learn a lot about different weapons with us, but you also learn about your friends. Specially about the ones you should keep close.