Dynamic Duo


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This product comes with the following vouchers:

  • Gift Certificate / Store credit of 95 

Dynamic Duo gift card includes shooting package meant just for those, who feel like it is a bit odd to shoot alone, but it is also too crowded with a group. Like two people in the shooting range would be just right.


You have this “special someone” with whom you could even shoot a thousand bullets into the space? It doesn’t matter to us, if it is your BF or GF, a friend or colleague, a father- or mother-in-law, a neighbor or anyone else. All that matters is, that the two of you make a dynamic duo who want to make memories they will never forget together!

Dynamic Duo is one of our most popular packages and includes many different types of weapons. Our instructors are here for both of you, to guide through all the weapons and their safety. They will make sure you will have the best experience ever!


Dynamic Duo gift card includes:

Glock Pistol 10 +10 shots
Pistol Sig-Sauer 10 +10 shots
Revolver Taurus 5 +5 shots
Semi-automatic pistol BT APC9 15 +15 shoot
Kalashnikov (AK-47) 10 +10 shots


Did you know, that Tondi Shooting Range also has this gift card as a virtual gift card? And you can have it on your e-mail in the matter of minutes? Aaaaand you can also send it straight to the recipient? Well what do you know – we do!


This gift card is for you if you wish to spend quality time at a shooting range with a friend or companion, and try not just one but several different weapons! Paintball and air-soft pale when compared with REAL shooting – be there!

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