Junior and Senior

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This product comes with the following vouchers:

  • Gift Certificate / Store credit of 45 

Junior and Senior gift card – includes the only shooting package where you can bring your child with you and have a blast at the shooting range.


We selected 3 very interesting weapons for you to try!


Junior and Senior gift card includes:

Pistol Glock 17 5 +5
Semi-automatic pistol BT 9APC 10 +10
SigSauer 522 Target 10 + 10


Did you know, that Tondi Shooting Range also has this gift card as a virtual gift card? And you can have it on your e-mail in the matter of minutes? Aaaaand you can also send it straight to the recipient? Well what do you know – we do!


Maybe you are a gun enthusiast already, but your child doesn’t quite get it. We mean that your child doesn’t get it, why you go to the range from time to time and come home with huge smile on your face.

This package is a perfect opportunity to learn how to shoot and handle weapons safely with your son or daughter. We value gun safety very highly at Tondi Shooting Range. Weapons can be dangerous and it is important to learn how to and how not to use them. Our professional instructors are here to guide you and your child through everything – from safety to shooting. It is never too early to start learning about those things – lets take care of the next generation!


It is possible to buy extra ammunition on site.


Come and introduce weapon safety to your next generation, in addition to safety knowledge, you will also get the first experience of firing firearms. The package is suitable especially for the ages from 12 to 16.