Adrenaline Rush

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Adrenaline rush shooting package assumes, that the person in the range is already an experienced shooter. And they already know a thing or two more about weapons than your average Joe on the streets. But still our trained instructors are still here to guide them if necessary and will cheer them on, whilst they have fun with our Adrenaline Rush package. As the package name applies, Adrenaline Rush gift card will guarantee a adrenaline filled experience!


Adrenaline Rush gift card:


Introduction of safety rules and instructions.
It is followed by the demonstration of the weapons and the walk-through of the track under the guidance of an instructor.


  • Pistol: Glock 17 9mm – 15 shots
  • Pistol: Tanfoglio 1911 45. ACP – 7 shots
  • Pistol: Makarov 9 × 18 – 8 shots
  • Pistol: TT – 3 shots
  • Pistol: Glock 22.40cal – 10 shots
  • Revolver: Nagan 7.62x38R – 4 shots
  • Revolver: Smith & Wesson.357 magnum – 1 shot
  • Rifle: Mossin Nagant 7.62x54R – 2 shots
  • Kalashnikov: 7.62 × 39 – 20 shots
  • Sig-Sauer: M400 – 10 shots
  • Pistols: 12cal. – 5 shots
  • Revolver:.44 Magnum – 1 shot


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